Meet the Board of Advisors
Sandra Beres:
I currently split my time as a jurisdictional off campus coordinator and a curriculum coordinator.  My curriculum focus is First Nation, Métis and Inuit education as well as Literacy and Numeracy.
Dalane Imeson:
I am an Assistant Superintendent for St. Paul Education Regional Division #1.  I have 25 years of experience in education as a teacher, vice-principal, principal, and six years in my current role.  My main duties now are in the areas of student assessment, curriculum, new teacher mentorship, and FNMI education.
Jimmi Lou Irvine:
I am a married to Doug and am a mother to three school aged children. I am passionate about learning, in all aspects of life! As an Associate Superintendent for Northern Lights School Division #69, I enjoying working to ensure that ALL students have meaningful opportunities to learn and grow board-row.
Charlie McCormack:
Superintendent of Schools, East Central Alberta Catholic Schools #16 (ECACS16).
Dwayne Zarichny:
Associate Superintendent ECACS16.   As part of the senior executive team, Dwayne’s responsibilities include; Educational Programs and Student Academic Achievement, Leadership, Human Resources, Policy and Planning, School Councils and Public Relations.
Melissa Petruk:
I teach French as a Second Language in Elk Point. I serve the teachers of the Greater St. Paul Local #25 as the Professional Learning Lead.
Petronella Bouvier:
Currently a Lead Teacher- Literacy and Numeracy. Previously, she has also been an Assistant Principal, Coordinator of Instructional Coaching and Literacy Specialist in Northern Lights Public Schools.  As a Lead Teacher, Petronella works closely with administrators, teachers and educational assistants providing support in implementing best practices and differentiated instruction in schools to meet the needs of students in NLPS.
Glenda Bristow:
I presently work as the Program Coordinator for St. Paul Education Regional Division No. 1. Within my role, I oversee and supervise First Nations, Métis and Inuit Education, Division Information Technology, Division Career Counseling. Prior to working at central office, I spent several years teaching at the primary level at both the provincial and federal level and worked as a Director of Education for Frog Lake First Nations. Being a Cree Woman and working in education has many positives and challenges but at the end of the day, it’s knowing that we made a difference in the lives of many students which is makes working in the field so rewarding.
Mabyn Grinde:
I work in the Learning Services department with Buffalo Trail Public Schools.  My primary role is supporting curriculum implementation and professional learning for teachers, although much of my work is currently focused in the areas of First Nations, Métis and Inuit education, CTF and CTS, and Learning Commons.  I am also mother of three "farm boys" and strive, everyday, to both personally and professionally support excellence in rural education.
Crystal Tower:
Director of Inclusive Learning, Buffalo Trail Public Schools. I have been on the BTPS team of educators for my entire career. I am very fortunate to be/and have been mentored, coached, and encouraged to pursue my passion for children/youth through inclusive learning by the best team in the province. The BTPS Department of Inclusive Learning, not only has a great team of hardworking, dedicated, and knowledgeable staff, but also has a vast portfolio that includes: Inclusive Learning, Early Learning, Mental Health Wellness and Illness, Violence-Threat Risk Assessment, Crisis Response etc. We, the Department of Inclusive Learning, believe in “Supporting Everyone’s Success”.  It is my hope and belief that through creating awareness, understanding, and knowledge we will be able to assist every child/youth to smile, feel safe, cared for, and reach their social/emotional and learning goals.
Neil Markham:
I have been in education for just over 35 years and still consider myself an active learner. I am passionate about working with fellow educators and stakeholders in education with the intent of learning from one another for the benefit of the students that we serve. I currently serve as the Education Director for Tribal Chiefs Education Foundation and am honoured to provide services and supports to our six member First Nations as well as collaborating with our neighbouring provincial partners. Serving on the Learning Network’s Board of Directors and its Advisory Committee has provided me with an opportunity to provide First Nations’ perspectives on Indigenous issues such as Indian Residential Schools, language and culture, discrimination and reconciliation.
Michelle Dargis:
I am the Director of Student Learning for Lakeland Catholic School District. My portfolio encompasses, Inclusive Education supports and services, Early Learning programs, and French Immersion programs. In addition, I provide leadership for school based counsellors and assist in the transitioning of school libraries to Learning Commons.
Pamela Guilbault:
Pamela is Assistant Superintendent for Lakeland Catholic School District.  She has 18 years of experience in education as a teacher, principal, and in her current role. Her main duties are in the areas of Human Resources, Curriculum, Professional Development, and Assessment.  She is passionate about professional learning that engages and challenges educators.
Janice Fulawka:
I am the Director of Learning Inclusive Education and Community Support with Northern Lights Public Schools. I enjoy working collaboratively with school based teams and families to support our children and youth.  I also assist teams with access to a variety of resources, services and supports for our diverse learners.
Shirley Groat:
Lloydminster Public Schools #1753.
Shannon Fleming:
Professional Learning Lead Lakeland Catholic Separate Local #30.
Kevin Kusch:
Lloydminster Catholic Schools #89.
Laura Tuttosi:
Professional Learning Lead Northern Light Local #15.
Beverly Yeo:
Professional Learning Lead Park Plain East Local #31.