IE19-04 A Day with Denita Dinger - Let Them Play
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IE19-04 A Day with Denita Dinger - Let Them Play
Presented by: Denita Dinger
September 8, 2018 | 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
Location: Happy House Day Care
5104 - 56 Street , Cold Lake, AB
Grade Level / Audience
Parents, Play-School Coordinators/Workers, Pre-Kindergarten Teachers, Kindergarten Teachers, Teachers Grades 1 - 5, Educational Assistants Pre-School to Grade 5
About the Session

A.M. - Let Them Play - Sadly, many programs can’t “just” let children play. Early childhood professionals must PROVE learning is occurring in their programs. This workshop is all about proving the value of play (dissecting play) and how to document that value. Through group discussions and sharing, participants will practice articulating the learning that is occurring during play, and, more importantly WHY that learning is so important for a young child’s future academia. Developmentally appropriate practice will be at the forefront of this workshop, in addition, participants will explore roughly 30 stations where they can play, dissect and take LOADS of ideas back to their programs. P.M. - WHY Must You Do That??? - Has a child’s behavior ever made you shake your head and scream: “WHY MUST YOU DO THAT?!!” More than likely, the answer to that question can be found with the help of Piaget’s schemas: natural URGES that are the building blocks of the brain; repeated behaviors that form connections. Rotation, trajectory, enveloping, orientation, positioning, connection, container, transporting and transformation are all schemas that naturally show up in child-led play. Are you always telling a child to stop a certain behavior? More than likely, it’s a SCHEMA... you need to meet their need, but how? That is exactly what this workshop will address. Peeling the layers of behavior back to reveal the core, and then addressing the core NEED. You will gain loads of ideas to meet children no matter which schema they are currently exploring.

This learning opportunity is being offered through a grant from Alberta Education.


About the Presenter

Denita Dinger

Denita Dinger is a defender of the joyful and valuable learning that occurs in child-led play. She is passionate about bringing that joy to all early childhood programs, and helping others see play for what it truly is: the BEST way for a young child to build the foundation for a life- time of learning. Denita is all about building a foundation for LIFE, not just getting kids in the doors of Kindergarten.

Registration Deadline: September 05, 2018

Registration Fee: $132.00

Registration Notes:

 Registration includes a continental breakfast and lunch.

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