IO20-56 Visuals 101 & Becoming a Communication Detective: Advocating Visuals for Understanding and Compassion
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IO20-56 Visuals 101 & Becoming a Communication Detective: Advocating Visuals for Understanding and Compassion
Presented by: Sheila Chisholm
January 20, 2020 | 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
Location: Portage College -Room 140
5205 50 Ave, St. Paul, AB
Grade Level / Audience
Educational Assistants, Teachers, Administrators, Inclusive Education Teachers, Inclusive Education Leaders, System Leaders
About the Session

Visuals 101: Let's explore visual strategies and the benefits of using them. We will introduce you to a routine building, transitions and communication with the supports of visuals. You will enjoy opportunities to work hands-on with visuals and discover how immediate the rewards to using them can be. Becoming a Communication Detective: Advocating for Understanding and Compassion: In this session, we will tackle the topic of behavior and communication, how to support my child and understand the difference of when behavior is a source of communication and when behavior is behavior? How to avoid accidental rewarding, and encouraging misbehaviors? How do you support a child that is non-verbal, unable to get their needs meet through mainstream types of communication?

This learning opportunity is being offered through a grant from Alberta Education.

About the Presenter

Sheila Chisholm

Sheila Chisholm’s interest in special needs started in elementary where she supported a segregated learning classroom during lunch hour. Sheila soon developed a passion and desire to change the way society interacts with those in the disabled community.

While attending U of S she worked with families with children with special needs and began to work towards behavior consulting and interventions. Sheila worked for Transitions where she discovered a connection with autistic children and a deep desire to learn more. She joined Family Linkages Foundation for Autism and began her journey as a behavior interventionist. Sheila had the privilege of working on the PUF Team as well as the ELT Team in the St. Albert Public School Division for 12 years. In this capacity, she worked with a multi-disciplinary team of therapists to cultivate the best learning environment for students. And she has now moved into the Sturgeon Public School Division as a Parent Coach for Disabilities Services for Families.

 Sheila started Infinite Resources Inc. as a means to support all families and look beyond diagnosis and delays. She believes providing coaching and consulting to families, community organizations allows her to truly create a company that looks at strengths, community, and family as a path for inclusion. IRInc has now been running inclusive social programs for 13 years.

To further create community inclusion, Sheila founded Plugged In Community Centre Organization, a charity with the mandate to build a facility that will provide access to all citizens.

Sheila was the recipient of the St. Albert Baha'i International Women's Day award for Exemplary Service in the Community, as well as Autism Edmonton’s Community Champions Award. Infinite Resources Inc. has allowed her to create events that can create inclusion for children/teen, families and the community: Beautiful Me, Plugged In and Supported Community as well as powerful PD Day Sessions.

Sheila is a certified PEERS facilitator, Nonviolent Physical Crisis Intervention Trainer through CPI, PBS (JACC) Trainer, Triple P Facilitator: Seminars, Primary Care, Groups - Discussions, Stepping Stones, Teen & Standard.  

Registration Deadline: January 15, 2020

Registration Fee: $150.00

Registration Notes:

 Registration includes a continental breakfast and lunch.

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