Emotional De-escalation
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Emotional De-escalation
Presented by: Sue Huff
February 2, 2022 | 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
March 28, 2022 | 12:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Location: Computer of your choice
-, Online, AB
Grade Level / Audience
Teachers, Administrators, Parents, Counsellors, Social Workers, Police & Health Care Workers
About the Session

Mental health is increasingly a focus in schools, families and communities. Teachers and administrators are frequently in contact with students, parents and other members of the school community who are experiencing high emotion (anxiety, anger, grief, frustration, depression, trauma) and staff can learn to navigate these emotions effectively, it will lead to better learning outcomes, less teacher burnout, and healthier school communities. Likewise, parents will find this skill useful to support their child's mental health and greatly improve communication at home. Front-line workers need skills to defuse stressful situations at work and avoid escalating emotions in clients. Simply putting up more signs that abuse will not be tolerated isn't enough.

In session two, participants will have the opportunity to review concepts covered in the November workshop, delve deeper into the concept of emotion coaching, share your experiences in the classroom using this approach, work through some more challenging scenarios together, and practice this skill to help build confidence and fluency. 

This workshop is open to any teacher, administrator, parent, front line worker or other member of the community. It may be of particular interest to:

  • Vice Principals or other leadership team members who deal with complaints or discipline issues
  • Teachers working with 13-18 year olds (when emotional dysregulation, anxiety, depression, signs of mental illness increase)
  • Elementary teachers who want to pave the way for emotional literacy
  • Parents
  • Counsellors, social workers, police, healthcare workers or other front line workers

Please note: it is required that you either attend the workshop on November 22 or view the recording prior to attending the December session.

About the Presenters

Sue Huff

Sue Huff is a skilled presenter who brings a wealth of experience to her work. She is the former Executive Director for the Eating Disorder Support Network of Alberta, former Trustee with Edmonton Public School Board, the author of The Book of Hope, and has been trained in Emotion-Focused Family Therapy, Mediation, Conflict Resolution and Restorative Justice Practice. She has also worked as a professional actress, an award-winning writer for television, and director for the National Film Board of Canada. Most importantly, she is the parent of a child who has recovered from Anorexia Nervosa and counts the skill embedded in this workshop as the single most powerful tool she has as a parent to help her child process and regulate the powerful emotions associated with this mental illness.

Registration Fee: $35.00

Registration Notes:

This session is possible though funding from Alberta Education.

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