Teaching Reading Series: No Matter the Fad or Buzzword…I Need to Know How to Teach Reading
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Teaching Reading Series: No Matter the Fad or Buzzword…I Need to Know How to Teach Reading
Presented by: Angela DesBarres
July 1, 2022 | 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
December 23, 2022 | 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Location: On Demand
Asynchronous , Anytime, Anywhere, AB
Grade Level / Audience
Administrator/Administration, Curriculum Leaders/Leadeur de programme, Learning Coaches/Accompagnateur pédagogique, Teachers/Enseignant
About the Session

Throughout the sessions we address the components that are necessary for teachers to know in order to be successful in teaching reading. In each session, there is a direct connection to the New 2022 Alberta Education English Language Arts and Literature Curriculum Learning Outcomes, Knowledge, Understandings and Skills and Processes.

Teaching reading is not overemphasizing only one component of reading.  It is about being proficient in all of them and knowing how to apply pedagogy and effective instruction while teaching these components and to meet the needs of all of the students sitting in front of us.

  • Session 1  What are the components of Teaching Reading? (46 Minutes)
  • Session 2 The Foundational Skills of Reading Success (1 hour)
  • Session 3 Phonics and Decoding - Early Literacy and Beyond; Vocabulary and Word Study (1hour 8 min)
  • Session 4  Fluency and Comprehension; Motivation, Engagement and Choice (43 min)
About the Presenters

Angela DesBarres

Angela retired (June 2021) from Grande Prairie Public School Division after 32 years of service as a classroom teacher, academic support, teacher librarian, administrator, AISI coordinator and the last 10 years as Director of Teaching and Learning. She has a Bachelor of Education from the University of Alberta and a Master of Science in Education with a focus in Elementary Literacy and Reading from Walden University.  Her desire to obtain her Masters’ degree stemmed from the desire to assist those students who were struggling to read and write. It was during that time she was teaching grade one students and later academic support. From there her passion for best practices in literacy began and continues to grow.

Angela currently teaches for the Teacher Education North Program at Northwestern Polytechnic in Grande Prairie. Here she works to inspire new teachers to be lifelong learners and to be consistent in their focus of meeting all students and their learning needs. She is passionate in supporting teachers to become confident in their abilities to promote student success by implementing research based best practices, instructional strategies and good assessment. She believes that teaching is the ability to first know your students and to know where you need to take them. Know your curriculum, have a toolbox of research based best practices and assessments and then draw on these to meet the needs of your students.  Optimum learning for all students is our goal!

Registration Fee: $40.00

Registration Notes:

This series is intended for certified teachers and administrators. This is an asynchronous learning opportunity. You will require approximately 4 hours learning time to complete the course.

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