ECourse: Inclusivity: Strategies to Cope with Internal and External Biases
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ECourse: Inclusivity: Strategies to Cope with Internal and External Biases
Presented by: Nazli Ighani
October 26, 2022 | 12:00 PM - 12:00 AM
January 9, 2023 | 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Location: Online
About the Session

Target Audience: Designed for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of how biases affect all people and to ensure their decision-making processes, behaviors and relationships are not driven by biases.

This online, self paced course presents engaging video lessons as well as interviews with Canadians from all walks of life, holding space for honest discussions on internal and institutional biases and providing strategies on how to consciously push aside such biases so they have less influence on one’s behavior and feelings. Suitable for students and teachers in all disciplines,  this course has been  designed  to  offer  a reflective  and  introspective  look into  the  nature  of  unconscious biases  and  their subtle impacts on every facet of life.


OCT 24 at 4:00pm: LIVE ZOOM

During this engaging kick off session, your course facilitator will guide you through:

Identifying elements and characteristics of bias, recognizing cultural archetypes of individualism and collectivism, understanding how the brain learns culture and pinpointing personal triggers that reinforce our internal biases. These exercises will serve as a precursor and lay the foundations for the online learning component. Your course facilitator will support you in being part of a community of learners who will have access to a shared drive where resources will be provided for you.

Jan 9 at 4:00pm: LIVE ZOOM

Celebration of Learning and next steps

Celebration of Learning - We will have a wrap up session where participants will come together to reflect, invite inquiry and articulate commitments towards their own next steps in this learning.

It is our hope that participants will walk away able to implement some of these ideas to their daily practices.  

  • Understand and identify their own internal biases
  • Understand and identify institutional biases
  • Differentiate equality and equity
  • Recognize the relationship between bias and stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination
  • Discern the impact of internal and institutional biases on student success, behavior and relations
  • Devise an action plan to unlearn or at least actively and consciously push back their biases
About the Presenters

Nazli Ighani

Nazli Ighani is a Modern Classroom-inspired teaching specialist skilled in Classroom Management with a holistic approach. Essential to her pedagogy is integrating the UDL (Universal Design for Learning) model through educational technology, instructional design, differentiated instruction, and curriculum development. With a Master of Education (M.Ed.) focused on curriculum and instruction, Nazli effectively blends her passions for education and children's learning needs to cultivate an environment that provides students with autonomy and agency in their own learning. As such, Nazli utilizes the key practices of culturally responsive teaching to foster a sense of belonging in each student. Moreover, this approach allows her to support her students as they move from being dependent to independent learners. Nazli has come to learn that in order to motivate students' learning educators must first develop their own cultural awareness by addressing their implicit biases in order to strengthen connections with their students. 

 For more information:

in partnership with e3 Training:

e3 Training is a small learning company that has offices in Alberta and New Zealand.  Our mission is to provide educational and training material that engages learners, enhances their understanding and allows for immediate employment of new skills and knowledge.   All of our staff at e3 Training are former classroom teachers that saw the need to start this company from becoming frustrated with expensive, gimmicky learning material that did not reflect the diversity of our classrooms.  The majority of our work involves collaborating with Indigenous school boards across Canada to create unique language resources that range from language texts to interactive videos of sacred sites.  This continues to be extremely rewarding and valuable work.    

Our latest online course: Inclusivity: Strategies to Cope with Internal & External Biases was inspired by the need to have a Canadian perspective on the topic and one that is accessible for educators and students.  The goal of this course is not to become bias-free; that is impossible and counter-productive. Yet, when biases prevent us from considering new ideas and being open to learning, it is recommended to evaluate ourselves and encourage our learners to also do so, thus enabling us to grow and create effective learning experiences that are new, exciting and effective.

Registration Fee: $20.00

Registration Notes:

This self-paced course will be open from October 26th - January 9th 2023.  Sorry, no extensions will be provided.

  • Participants can expect to commit around 2-4 hours completing this course.  
  • Participants will also receive a printable pdf certificate of completion which will be emailed to them.  

Participants will receive an email invitation with login instructions on the date the course opens.

October 24th at 4:00pm (mountain time) there wil be a live kick off zoom session.

January 9th at 4:00pm (mountain time) will have a Celebration of Learning zoom session.

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